Thanks for stopping by M. Cervantes Law. My blog is focused on tort law, what I know, and why I love it (and why you should, too!).

Okay, so I really love the justice system, and why wouldn’t I? Those who know me personally know that a lawsuit in my college years had a profound impact on my life at the time. If someone wrongs you and you get hurt, you have the right to sue and probably should—because you have a good chance of being awarded a financial settlement (money).

How much you could get depends on the type of case, but what do you have to lose? In my case—nothing. I only had something to gain, and since my experience was so good, I like to share information with others about the tort system in Texas, what it’s all about, and how things work. I’m not a lawyer, but my inside perspective could help if you’re debating whether to sue someone.